Stop the War Coalition, Ten years on – what have we achieved?

Stopping the war means stopping the imperial war machine: Join the Axis of Resistance! Another February, another Stop the War ‘coalition’ conference. British imperialist politicians, industrialists, mineral extraction conglomerates,…

Libya, Gaddafi, Saddam, Iraq, Afghanistan… and US/UK/NATO imperialism

, Harpal Brar gives an interview on Libya and the wider interests and motivations of capitalist imperialism. He also touches upon the themes of the USSR and Stalin, as well as NATOs global strategy. Enjoy.

CPGB-ML bring Libya Solidarity to Anti-War Demo in London

Footage from Harpal at mass meeting in Tripoli (June), pledging to do our utmost to support the just anti-imperialist resistance and legitimate government of the Libyan people against NATO's colonial war is cut with RT footage of CPGB-ML with…