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inquilabzindabadHarpal Brar: Inquilab Zindabad, India’s Liberation Struggle

There is a widespread myth spread by bourgeois historians that Ghandi and the Indian National Congress were solely responsible for achieving India’s independence from the much-hated British Raj, and that they did it using only the message of non-violence, peaceful non-cooperation and civil disobedience… more here

perestroika (1)Perestroika: The Complete Collapse of Revisionism by Harpal Brar

In this short work, the author pursues two aims. First, to explain the completely bourgeois and anti-Marxist-Leninist essence of the Gorbachev reforms, launched under the twin policies of Perestroika and Glasnost, allegedly for the purpose of renewing and strengthening socialism, which led to the collapse of socialism in the once mighty USSR. More here

overproductionHarpal Brar and E Rule: Imperialism and the Worst-Ever Crisis of Overproduction

This collection of articles is a sequel to Harpal Brar’s 2007 book Imperialism – the Eve of the Socialist Revolution of the Proletariat. In that volume, the author predicted that the recent economic recovery was bound to be followed by a sharp crash… More here

trotskyismorleninismTrotskyism or Leninism? by Harpal Brar

One of the myths perpetrated by the Trotskyites, with not inconsiderable help from the imperialist bourgeoisie, is that Leninism and Trotskyism are synonymous, that Trotsky was, after Lenin, the most brilliant and greatest Bolshevik (some even implying that Lenin was a great Trotskyist); that Trotsky was the true inheritor of Leninism and a worthy successor to Lenin, but was, alas, deprived of his rightful place by the cunning manoeuvres of a third-class mediocrity and oriental despot to boot, ie, Joseph Stalin. More…

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