Hear Cuba Speak – August 2015

Hear the Cuban people speak: On the release of the Cuban 5; On US-Cuba relations; On Obama's role; On the ongoing blockade and the UN General Assembly resolution against it; On the role of the capitalist media; on North Korea. Cde Jorge Luis Garcia, Councillor of the Cuban Embassy, speaks to a packed meeting organised … Continue reading Hear Cuba Speak – August 2015

Red Salute from the Cuban 5!

Red Youth and the CPGB-ML send our militant greetings to the Cuban 5, their families and fellow Cubans, and to progressive humanity world-wide fighting this unjust and barbaric system of capitalist imperialism, led by the bloodthirsty united States.The USA proclaims itself to be the ‘land of the free’, but on closer inspection it is the … Continue reading Red Salute from the Cuban 5!