NHS Singers: Yours!

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U8u1vUa_SiA The NHS singers are a now well known and popular voice. A choir of NHS workers came together to write, perform and produce this anthem in support of the struggle to defend the NHS from the onslaught of privatisation, with the attack on pay and conditions of its staff - notably the junior doctors … Continue reading NHS Singers: Yours!

Save our NHS! Dr Bob Gill on Sputnik

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-E2gWHcotDA&feature=youtu.be Dr Bob Gill gives an excellent summary of the chief problems facing the NHS: it’s not the ‘greedy junior doctors’, or the inefficient ‘Stalinist’ model of free and universal health care. No. It’s private capitalist health and insurance companies: United Health, Virgin, Circa, Bupa, Sodexo, et al. All of them are trying to make … Continue reading Save our NHS! Dr Bob Gill on Sputnik

Save Our NHS: Junior Doctors Protest and Strike

Red Youth urges everyone to show their support for the striking Junior Doctors and the NHS itself on the 24 hour strike this Wednesday, 10 February from 8am. Map below of official pickets. Doctors, nurses, medical students, other healthcare professionals, and members of the public took to the streets on Saturday to voice their opposition … Continue reading Save Our NHS: Junior Doctors Protest and Strike

Stop playing games with our NHS

The following letter was sent by a Proletarian reader to the British Medical Association journal BMA News. "Readers of BMA News over the last couple of weeks cannot fail to have noticed the BMA’s conspicuous ‘No More Games’ campaign, designed – we are told – to appeal to the UK government to stop “playing games” … Continue reading Stop playing games with our NHS

TTIP protests across Europe

CPGB-ML and Red Youth activists attended and spoke at a demonstration opposing TTIP today at Shepherd's Bush in West London (see video below). TTIP is the latest in the legacy of cuts and privatisation ushered in by successive imperialist governments, and has been rearing it's ugly head with increasing frequency in the media recently - but … Continue reading TTIP protests across Europe

Thousands of NHS workers out on strike

Red Youth was pleased to support a handful of the many hundreds of picket lines organised across the country today in defense of the NHS. Thousands of workers staged a 4 hour stoppage in protest against a provocative 1% pay rise (in effect a serious pay cut). In July 2010, barely two months after a general … Continue reading Thousands of NHS workers out on strike

A young person's reflections on a parent who works in the NHS

Red Youth welcomes letters and comments from supporters and friends. Below is a heartfelt letter which we have received from a young comrade in the east midlands. We reproduce it below without change... Having a family member work for the NHS rarely entitles you to any benefits. Working for the NHS in 2013 is synonymous … Continue reading A young person's reflections on a parent who works in the NHS

29th June, Armed forces day

A day when people come together to celebrate British imperialismThis year it was like any other, events up and down the country filled with flag waving members of the working class, and in Manchester a delusional youth cadet force who believe that they are fighting for “our freedom”. CPGB-ML north west regional members arrived in … Continue reading 29th June, Armed forces day