Leila Khaled

Red Youth salutes the revolutionary women of the world! Our young cadre will be publishing short pieces all this week to celebrate our revolutionary heroines in the run up to International Women's Day. Today, Comrade Adam, aged 12, discusses Leila Khaled. Red Youth will be meeting to celebrate International Women’s Day on 9 March, at … Continue reading Leila Khaled

29th June, Armed forces day

A day when people come together to celebrate British imperialismThis year it was like any other, events up and down the country filled with flag waving members of the working class, and in Manchester a delusional youth cadet force who believe that they are fighting for “our freedom”. CPGB-ML north west regional members arrived in … Continue reading 29th June, Armed forces day

former ANC activist heads to London

After three excellent talks in Bristol, Birmingham and Leeds, comrade Kadalie will speak in London this Saturday on his life struggle in the anti-apartheid struggle, his hopes and vision for Africa in the 21st century. :: About Comrade Khwezi :: Khwezi Kadalie was a fighter in the anti-Apartheid struggle in South Africa and is a … Continue reading former ANC activist heads to London