Film-showing of ‘Palestine: What Hope Peace?’

Just prior to the Christmas holidays the CPGB-ML were pleased to host a showing of the documentary-film 'Palestine: What Hope Peace?' in Manchester with a live Q&A from the film's creator Kerry-Anne Mendoza. There was a stall where people could pick up our latest Gaza leaflets as well as stickers, postcards, a copy of Harpal … Continue reading Film-showing of ‘Palestine: What Hope Peace?’

Superman or Stalin – who's the real Man of Steel?

Another year, another Hollywood superhero blockbuster. A film about someone with superpowers who takes down petty criminals, local gangs and the occasional super villain. The bourgeoisie has to keep us spoon fed on this kind of "culture". But what about real super heroes? Men and women who have given their lives in the struggle against … Continue reading Superman or Stalin – who's the real Man of Steel?

Django Unchained

Quentin Tarantino misses the point. Django Unchained is a beguiling film. ‘Beguiling’ may seem an odd adjective for a Tarantino blood-fest, but despite that director’s well-known penchant for violence being well to the fore in this tale of the pre-civil-war southern states of America, the film does charm the viewer. This is chiefly because of … Continue reading Django Unchained